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This site was started as an attempt to get our old photos and slides of the last 50+ years, or so, organized and viewable by the family and others.   Joe made his first driving trip to Alaska in 1962, ending up in Nome and moving back to Nome in 1964.  Pat moved to Galena, Alaska in 1970.  Between both of us we lived in Nome, Marshall, Galena, Koyukuk, Tanana and Nenana for just over 25 years. Over those years, we tried to visit as much of the state as possible by air, boat or the road system. In 1989 we moved to Ouray, Colorado and in 1998 to Florida.  As of 2013, we have driven the Alaska Highway thirteen (13) round trips by RVs. Round trip #13  took place the  summer of 2011.   Other years, while living in Alaska, we would often take a couple of weeks and take our RV from Alaska to Whitehorse, then up to Dawson for a few more days and back to Alaska, fishing most of the streams and lakes along the way.

Always happy to answer any questions if I can.  Just use the email address at the bottom of this page and put something about Alaska in your subject line to get it past my spam filters..  I have developed a few pages of verbiage on traveling to Alaska  and I put a copy on this web site under the heading of Story Time, below, Number 12.

You may double click on any of the thumbnail  photos shown to get a larger view.

Some of the thumbnails on Summer of 2011 trip have problems. I was using several different Canon cameras and somehow the numbering systems got overlapped. So when some thumbnails are clicked, a different photo is brought up in a larger size. Next project to fix, LOL.


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Alaska Trip of June-July of 2004 & 2006 & 2009 (photos)

Alaska Trip Summer of 2006   (with more narrative) (edited 10/29/08)

Alaska Trip Summer of 2009   (edited 6-6-2011)

Alaska Trip, Summer of 2011 (edited 9-26-2011)

Alaska - General Comments on Topics  (under construction) as of (2-25-2013)

        Fairbanks - What to do                        Guns across the border            Tire problems/extra parts             Two Weeks in Alaska

        Alaska - What to take                           Alaska Weirdness                        A visit to Anchorage

        Alaska - Summer Employment            Alaska living Vs Visiting             Alaska Trip Recommendations

        Winter driving in Interior Alaska


Alaska Highway - Early days of travel

Alaska - The Future   (edited Nov 21/2008)

Canada  edited 1-10-2011

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Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico back to Florida 2012

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Fuel Stops on the Cassiar Hwy (edited 5/20/2011)  

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Fuel Stops on the South Klondike Highway - Skagway to Whitehorse (edited 4-13-2012)



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Minnesota Summer of 2005

Lance Camper Repair - August of 2009

Story time

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Joe and Pat attending wedding at  the Miller's in Bellingham, summer of 2002

Joe's Super Cub parked at Koyukuk, Alaska (350 miles west of Fairbanks) 1972

Joe driving our dog team on the frozen Koyukuk River - Yukon River in background- 1974- Nulato Hills  beyond the river.  Looking south on a spring day.

Pat's Cessna 150 in Galena, Alaska - (about 300 miles west of Fairbanks) - 1972 - Spring time


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